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Turn your customers into fans!
Käse Lebenmittel Einzelhandel

Trust is the foundations of any business. With me, you have the best expert for Swiss cheese as your partner and can be confident that your offer is unique, exclusive, and outstanding.

The basis for our cooperation with the food trade is quality, reliability, and exclusivity.

Studies have shown that consumers are explorers when it comes to cheese and when they discover something, they want to share it with their friends, family, and colleagues. My 150-year family history in cheese offers enough to discover, and each cheese speciality I make has a unique story. They are ideas that I try to put into practice, fail at, and keep trying something new until finally a new cheese is born.

Once your customer has discovered my cheese, I promise you he will share this discovery with his family, friends and colleagues and they will all buy from you. You know, the best advertising is recommendation.

With me, your customer can discover the world of Swiss cheese with you. I will create for you:

  • a concept for Swiss cheese tailored to your positioning.
  • An exclusive range of world champion cheeses built up over decades. Together with our distribution partners, we offer training for your staff.
  • An exciting, varied assortment with seasonal cheese specialities.
  • Exclusive cheeses that we develop especially for you.
  • An optimised range of Swiss cheeses. Our aim is not to supply everything - we "only" ensure that the quality is right.
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