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A good cheese makes every dish a poem!
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Here you will find the checklist for evaluating the optimal cheese supplier.

In the cheese industry, the processing industry has a bad reputation. For this reason, this market did not interest me at all, and I did not want to produce cheese for the industry. It did not fit into my concept of quality, reliability and exclusivity.

But a few chefs have opened my eyes: good cheese makes almost every dish a poem, be it a dessert like tiramisu, vegetables gratinated with cheese or spaghetti Bolognese with fresh grated Parmiggiano Reggiano DOP. But what if the cheese is not good? Then it ruins the whole dish.

Now it was clear to me that I had to change my attitude. Only if the cheese is world-champion-like will the product also be world-champion-like. It takes the best ingredients to create a perfect whole. So, I started to develop different cheeses for the processing industry. Exclusive cheeses made from pure milk, produced with care, and optimally matched to the finished product.

We have a few standard products like Cagliata Walo or the grated cheese "Gran Pasta". With our reduced fat cagliata, you can produce unique pizzas or you can process your excess milk fat into first-class products.

We also produce cheeses that are adapted for your production. Be it for sauces, ready-to-eat pizza, lasagne, dessert, etc. It is also possible that you choose an AOP cheese and advertise it on the dish.

Licence agreement?

What could be better than a recommendation? A recommendation from the world champion.

Conclude a licence agreement with me and I will sell your product for you with my recommendation.  Your product will be unique, and you are protected from competition and can say goodbye to price discussions once and for all.

We will be happy to advise you personally. Get in touch with us here.

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