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Cheese production

Do you have the potential to become a world champion cheesemaker?

The basis for our collaboration with cheesemakers is quality, reliability, exclusivity. I work with many cheese dairies and would be pleased to meet you personally. My motto is, you concentrate on producing world champion quality, I take care of the rest. With me:

  • You have a network of importers all over the world.
  • Have A unique sales and marketing concept that guarantees sales.
  • Be part of our exclusive world champion assortment.
  • Have optimised logistics and I also take care of the export formalities and the payment transactions.
  • Have joint volume planning
  • Have access to international cheese production specialists.
  • Be entered by me in the various international competitions and who knows soon you will also be world champion.
Interested? Questions?

Contact us

Walo von Mühlenen AG
Postfach 295
3186 Düdingen
E-Mail: hc.olawrueniffa@ofni